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Foggy Mountain

Nathan A. McQuarrie

Barrister and Solicitor; Attorney at Law

About Mr. McQuarrie

Nathan A. McQuarrie is a skilled trial lawyer licensed in both British Columbia and Washington State. He has a strong track record in litigation, known for his commitment and diligence in the courtroom.

Mr. McQuarrie's dual licensing equips him with a comprehensive understanding of the legal landscapes in both jurisdictions. He is well-versed in the complex insurance laws involving the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) and other third-party insurers. His expertise ensures his clients receive reliable and thorough representation, adeptly navigating the nuances of each legal system.

Outside of his legal work, Mr. McQuarrie enjoys golfing and running, which help him maintain balance. He values spending quality time with his family and is dedicated to community service, often assisting marginalized individuals and advocating for their rights.

Nathan A. McQuarrie’s combination of professional skill, personal interests, and community involvement reflects his dedication to making a positive impact both in his profession and in his community.

Media and Recent Judgments
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